Challenges's recruitment process before Teamtailor was very time consuming due to the amount of manual documentation. It was also problematic because information was sporadic and couldn’t be gathered to fit individual profiles.

Similarly, reference checking was a challenge in the recruitment process. spent a lot of time each month calling references. Since most phone calls were made during work hours, there was always a challenge reaching out to them. The company needed a way to make this process more accessible and automated without affecting the quality.

“Since we do at least three reference check ups per candidate, there was always an issue to reach at least one or two of them every time, which made the process more time consuming.”

        Sandra Forsberg, HR-generalist at


Today as a customer of Refensa, approximately 10% of the reference checking is automated during weekends, and about 40% of all references answer outside of office hours. As a result of the digitization of the process and increased availability, references are free to answer in their own time.

Having been a Teamtailor customer since 2018, now have a solution for handling their evergrowing pool of candidates. By adopting Teamtailor's trigger functionality, the company have managed to combat the burden of manual processing, automating most of the hiring stages.

The triggers combined with the career site builder andoverall ease of the system, makes it possible to manage the employer brand and vastly improve the candidate experience from increased communication with all parties throughout the process.

Overall, the seamless integration between Teamtailor and Refensa now means that a reference check is just one click away.